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Heal Your Voice

Solutions “the basics”



    Healing your voice is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. To heal the voice lets you find a very special place inside that gives you the freedom to open and to speak or sing your truth. Many people live with speaking disorders, not realizing that they really can re-awaken the innocent memory of their natural voice.

    I have worked with many singers and speakers, who have over-stressed their voice. I will guide you through some gentle voice/body technique exercises to release this pattern of trauma in the voice. When you use your power source and breathe correctly, this gives you the support needed to open and heal your voice for speaking and singing. I have seen profound positive changes in both the voice and the lives of my students.

Open your heart through the vibration of your voice.

    Using your source of power along with your imagination, gives you the freedom to flow throughout your body with sound/vibration. Where your imagination or mind’s eye is present is where the sound vibration will be. “Energy flows where attention goes.” I will show you how to play with sound, using your imagination to flow up through your illuminated center and to gently open your heart and throat area. You will learn that it is “you” that you trust because you are using your own source of power to Open Your Heart.

Solutions “the basics”

    Solutions is what I also call “the basics”. These basics give you the foundation and support needed to truly be able to express your authentic self. This brings you into a place of “knowing” and this is when your healthy confidence awakens. This is the freedom we all seek.

    *Breath   When you awaken the full capacity of your breath, you are unlocking your power source. You have the power to open the dam and let the river flow inside. It is easy to re-awaken the capacity and power of your breath and I can show you how.

    *Dynamic Posture   Awaken your knowledge of how to stand rooted into the earth and equally being lifted from above, coming from your center point with the support of your foundation. This is a huge basic knowledge that is life changing and life giving. Say goodbye to back pain because you will “know” how to support yourself, standing, sitting, dancing, sports or whatever activity you are doing.

    *Illuminated Light   Awaken to where your center power is and the illuminated light that flows inside. This light simply needs to be acknowledged and with the support of your source of power, you will come home inside.


    I have been teaching hatha yoga for over 20 years. The breath and power source are the foundation of all of my teachings. I offer individual and group lessons with the focus on coming from your center point (dantian) and using your inner eye with the breath to open the river inside. My technique is both gentle and strong and moves beyond a place of trying and into a place of “knowing”. It is a high source of self empowerment.


    Private Sessions for yoga and healing, I work with any challenges you are experiencing. I have helped many people heal from chronic problems in their body/mind. I was very sick for many years and became quite weak. The only yoga postures that I could do, were very gentle postures on the floor. This is when I discovered the magic of being present inside with my inner eye and how I could create an opening in a painful area of my body with the inhale of a breath. As you are present with the mind’s eye and hold the breath to create space, it oxygenates the cells and releases the trauma. The exhale flows like a river through and out of the body. I was always amazed at how this was so easy and effective. I did this for many years in the night when I couldn’t sleep because of the extreme pain. I was able to unlock and release the old patterns of trauma and the deep pain is now gone. I am still amazed by this remarkable power to heal through our own breath.

I teach my clients how to heal themselves. I also do hands-on healing that opens the energy flow inside. I don’t really have words to say for this hands-on healing that I do; because it is a gift and I simply follow my instincts, which has had a remarkable healing effect on many people.