Voice Opening & Singing Lessons
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Sing from Your Heart

Discover Your Authentic Voice

Songwriting * Performance * Studio


    This unique Voice Opening & Tune-up technique is for singers of all styles. It is a tune-up that brings all the components of your voice and body together to balance your voice/body instrument. As you awaken the textures and the nuance of sound, ultimately you can then go deeper into the magic of your song.

    Each exercise is done with feeling, which will serve you to always “feel” what you are singing. When you come into your voice/body instrument, breathe correctly and know where the power comes from, it gives you an amazing freedom to sing and express yourself in whatever style you desire.

    As you find this balance, you then have the support to sing from your heart with a passion and openness that can only come from trusting your source of power. The ultimate goal is to have the courage to feel and sing from deep inside and to share the story of your song, from your own unique perspective. The greatest singers are truly present and inside their song. This is what touches us the most.

Tune-up for Performance & Recording

    All of the technique exercises for singing are patterns working in balance with the breath, your power source and your imagination (mind’s eye.) To tune-up the voice/body instrument, you are not singing, you are awakening the balance of how the breath and power source work to support the voice.

    When you tune-up your voice/body instrument it gives you the freedom to trust and know that you have the support needed to express from your heart. The sound that happens when you feel a song is what makes you unique. I will teach you how to come into your authentic voice.

    You will learn how to do a tune-up for performance which gives you the trust to know you are ready to sing your song for live performance and for studio recording.

    When you tune-up your voice/body instrument before a performance, it gives you the confidence to sing your song from your heart, knowing you are supported and then you and the song can truly shine through.

Songwriting & Recording

    For songwriters, I have extensive experience in my own career with original songs and recording. I have helped many songwriters to bring their song to life! This also, includes making a cover song into your own unique sound and style.

    I also coach in the studio. This is a very useful way to get a good recording as I know how to make sure it all comes together in a powerful and professional manner. It is a good experience as I support you with a voice/body tune-up and how to truly get a high level recording for your songs and for radio play.


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