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"Find Your Real Voice"

This Voice Opening & Tune-up Technique is
perfect for Singers of all Styles.

     When you tune-up and open your voice/body instrument, breathe correctly and know and trust where your power source comes from, it gives you an amazing freedom to sing and find the ultimate playground in your cathedral and to express from your heart.  Working with this technique, you can then sing your story from your heart, create dynamics and, or, make the most delicate sounds.

     For singers of all styles and songwriter's, I can help you to arrange your song and build the dynamics and prepare for performance and for recording.  Dolli also coaches in the recording studio to achieve the optimum long lasting "authentic performance" that will bring your singing performance and song to a high level.

     Singing ~ Voice Opening and Tune-up includes:
                 1.  Easy stretch and strengthening exercises to bring you into your
                      center power.
                 2.  Open the voice with the balance of the breath and using your
                      power correctly
                 3.  Opening the center gateway to the back of the head area
                      (the cathedral)
                 4.  Placement (adams apple down) for strengthening the voice
                 5.  Singing in your authentic voice from your heart
                      (which makes the sound warm and rich)

     Dolli has extensive experience working with singers for stage, theater, song arrangement and recording..

*** Click here to listen to songs by some of my singing students ***

     *Voice Student Stories:
     "Dolli is a gifted and inspiring teacher who demands her students to connect with the authentic self and sing from that place.  Her methods engage the entire physical body as the vocal instrument and focus the breath, sound vibration and visualization to expand the instrument to itís greatest capacity.  I have applied the gifts and insights I received from her to both my singing and dancing and have found them profoundly helpful.  Like all great teachers, Dolli addresses more than scales and exercises, she provides a path for self exploration."
     Alison Clancy Singer/Songwriter and Dancer (New York, USA) www.alisonclancy.com


     "Dolli Melaine showed me how to use my voice in a very challenging but playful way.  She was the perfect guide for an amazing physical and mental trip through my whole body, with the destination to locate my voice and to experiment and play with it in a new and unique way.  It gives me a lot of confidence to have the privilege to know how to use this unique technique of Dolli Melaineís.  Itís a real valuable secret, now open to all who really want to bring their highest vocal potential out in an effective way."
     Eugene Ziegler, Singer and Graphic Design Artist (Vienna, Austria)


     "Dolliís voice lessons have changed my life.  The more lessons I took the closer I came to know my real voice and who I really am.  I have learned to breathe, have good posture and to feel the voice in different parts of my body.  How to control movements with my stomach and then again to let go of the control and enjoy the freedom that comes with that.  Dolli is able to demonstrate remarkably well her teachings and she makes me always ďfeelĒ what she wants me to learn.  This has made it possible for my body to remember how to be natural and relaxed again.  For me Dolliís way of teaching is a combination of physicality, psychology and spirituality."
     Sanna Jauk, Singer/Songwriter and Sound Healer (Vienna, Austria)