Voice Opening & Speaking Lessons
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Find Your Authentic Natural Voice



Natural Voice

    When your voice is in balance with the true memory of how to use your breath and power correctly, then you have the freedom to speak your truth with your authentic voice. Whether it is for public speaking or simply speaking with the confidence of knowing that your voice is in its natural open state.

    When your voice is centered, open and without tension, the rich resonance that is inherently yours is present. I have heard many people say, “it feels like there is something in my throat” or “it hurts and feels scratchy when I speak too much.” This is a common example that the natural support for the voice has lost its memory, thus throwing the voice out of balance.

    This voice opening technique is designed to regain the balance and knowledge of what your voice/body instrument instinctually already knows. Awakening the memory of speaking from your power source and the placement of your voice in the center, will allow you to speak with your authentic voice.


    For professional speaking, it is very useful to tune-up your voice/ body instrument before an engagement. I have worked with speakers who give symposiums for many days at a time and their voice gets tired. Even with one day the voice can become tired and overworked if it is not being supported properly.

    Knowing true good posture or what I call dynamic posture will give the absolute support to freely express in whatever way you desire. With the knowledge of good posture then you are in a position to support your voice with the breath and from your power source. When you have this support then you can relax and speak with confidence.


    I love to work with actors as this technique is an ultimate source of freedom for a great performance. It is truly about posture and the voice but mostly about being the character you are playing. The act of tuning up your voice/body instrument before a performance gives you the trust needed to dive deeper inside and become the character. The posture will allow you to always work from your center which means you can take more chances and trust that you will find your way back inside, no matter how far out you explore.

    My mother owned a Theater for 15 years and I had the opportunity to work with many actors and then also in Vienna.