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"Find Your Real Voice"

                                      Public Speaking
                                           Natural Voice

     True knowledge of good posture, breathing and how to use your power correctly, lets you easily trust yourself, thus giving the confidence to be in the moment and express freely what you are presenting.

     Dolli has worked with many actors and professional speakers.  Also with people who quite simply want to find their "real" voice.

     The technique for speaking is the same as the "Technique" section 5 steps.  The focus is on your specific needs, whether for public speaking, acting or finding your natural voice. Also, specific knowledge for working with a microphone or natural projection.

     *Voice Student Stories
     "I am thankful for the wonderful and inspiring time with Dolli Melaine, she has been assisting me in my inner development for four years, and her "Yoga for the Voice" has put my voice back in it's place giving me the confidence and strength for my public speaking in addition to uplifting my body and soul.  As a native English speaker she also supervised and coached me in the speech recordings on the c.d. that accompanies my book 'Homeopathic Healing...Self responsibility replacing Fear'"
     Christine Laschkolnig M.D. (Vienna)
     Homeopathic Doctor, Author, Explorer



       "Dolli is a completely unique voice coach and singing teacher. She teaches both how to speak and sing better, and how to come from a much deeper place within yourself. With her help I have been surprised to reach whole new levels of intensity, clarity and ability with both my professional speaking and singing."
      Jonathan Robinson, Author of numerous bestselling books and
      a professional speaker.