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     The “Voice Opening, Find Your Real Voice” workbook and audio c.d. by Dolli Melaine is a culmination of 20 years of exploring, developing and teaching this unique voice opening & tune-up technique. She has worked with singers of all styles, public speakers and with many people to heal and revive their natural voice.

     “With this Voice Opening technique workbook and audio c.d., it is my wish that anyone can find the knowledge, support and courage to open and find their real voice.”

     You will find an informed storyline on The Voice and how it relates to Singing, Speaking and Healing. There is a complete Technique section, where each exercise is illustrated in vibrant clear diagrams that directly relate to the audio c.d. and the sound that is being made. The audio c.d. is literally a tune-up for the voice. I make a sound and there is an empty space for you to make a sound. It is a tune-up for the whole being, as you find the balance of using your voice/body instrument with the breath and the support from your power source. It is an ongoing, forever, voice lesson that is like “Yoga for the Voice”

     This Voice Opening workbook is an invaluable tool that gives your voice the freedom to Open, Explore and Express!

     To Purchase "Voice Opening: Find Your Real Voice" please send an email to dollimelaine@hotmail.com with your Name and Address + Quantity along with your payment to Paypal at paypal.com to dollimelaine@hotmail.com

     In America the book cost is $45 plus tax & shipping $10, total: $55.00  In Europe or outside the USA, $45 plus tax & shipping $20, total: $65.00

     ***When you purchase "Voice Opening: Find Your Real Voice" it also includes a complimentary 15 min. skype session as an introduction to how to work with the workbook and audio c.d.

     Thank You*