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"How To Take A Healthy Breath"


Dolli Melaine

Photos by Darlene Freitas

When we are born the first thing we do is take a breath. This ongoing rhythm of breathing is our constant companion throughout our lifetime until, finally, we take our last breath. We take around 20,000 breaths a day. Ah the power of all that breathing!

For over 20 years Dolli has been teaching how to open and tune-up the voice and body. While teaching she realized 99.9% of her students were not breathing correctly. In both her voice opening lessons and yoga classes, the focus is on how to take a healthy breath and find the full capacity of the breath to support the voice and awaken to the remarkable healing possiblities when you take a journey inside yourself with a conscious breath.

We all know how to take a healthy breath, still with all of life's challenges that come our way we begin to lose our full capacity and even where to take a healthy breath.

This is an easy guide on how to take a healthy breath. There are 36 pages of teachings on how to awaken to a healthy breath and how to heal yourself with your breath and good posture. With wonderful photographs of the Yuba River in Northern California and flowers of Hawaii, as a metaphor in relation to the teachings on breathing.

"Everyone has the power of breath. This is the most remarkable gift we are given"

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Dolli teaches Breathing, Posture and Voice Opening workshops and seminars in conferences, schools, businesses and yoga centers.

Private lessons available in person or via Skype

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