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How To Take A Healthy Breath
Dolli Melaine

    When we are born the first thing we do is take a breath. This ongoing rhythm of breathing is our constant companion throughout our lifetime, until finally we take our last breath. We take around 20,000 breaths a day. Instinctually, we already know how to take a healthy breath. Still, with all of life's challenges that come our way we begin to lose our full capacity and the natural knowledge of a healthy breath gets lost along the way.

    How to take a Healthy Breath is an easy guide on how to regain a full healthy breath and how to develop a higher capacity for the breath. There are 36 pages of teachings on how to awaken to a healthy breath and how to heal yourself with your breath and also a simple guide for good posture. With stunning photographs by Darlene Freitas, of the Yuba River in Northern California and flowers of Hawaii, that act as a metaphor in relation to the teachings on breathing.

    For over 25 years Dolli has been teaching how to open and tune-up the voice and body. While teaching, she realized 99.9% of her students were not breathing correctly. In both her voice opening lessons and yoga classes, the focus is on correct breathing and awakening the full capacity of the breath to support the voice and the body.

    Dolli Melaine teaches Breathing, Posture and Voice Opening workshops and seminars in conferences, schools, businesses and yoga centers.

    Private lessons available: in person or online.

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