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Voice Opening & Tune-up Technique

     Dolli Melaine has been developing this unique Voice Opening & Tune-up Technique for 20 years.  This has been a remarkable journey of exploration and endless discovery into the voice/body connection as an instrument.   This technique is exactly like how an orchestra tunes-up only it is for the voice. There is no need for a piano, it is just you and the knowledge of how to support the voice with the breath and using the power correctly giving you the freedom to explore and experience the whole instrument as a playground where you can express your deepest emotions and sing, speak or simply tell your story from the heart.

     This Voice Opening & Tune-up Technique is for  *Singers of all styles;  *Speakers, and for  *Healing the Voice both physically and as a therapy.  With the balance of opening and strengthening exercises and understanding the nature of the voice as an instrument, one comes into a natural confidence with the knowledge of how to use your voice freely.

     *Voice student story:
     “Dolli Melaine really helped me to find my very own special sound of my voice and how I can increase and optimize it.  She showed me how I can get into my power and make it better and better.  I never knew that I have such a big range and power in my voice before.  Dolli combines perfectly her knowledge and experience from her singing career, her voice coaching and her work as a yoga teacher, which definitely brings you forward in every step you take.  For me Dolli is the best voice coach I ever met in my life, because she gave me more than just voice lessons and training.  She taught me to believe in and trust myself.  A much needed reality in this business.  I really miss her and her great unique lessons.  Thanks from the Heart”
     Cataleya Fay, Singer and Dancer (Vienna, Austria)

         Dolli Melaine’s Voice Opening & Tune-up Technique is simple and very
    effective. A lesson includes:

    1.  Stretch and Strengthening exercises to bring you into the body.
    2.  Opening the voice in a gentle manner with support from the breath and
         stomach area and flowing up through your center
    3.  Identifying and opening the Gate giving access to the magic sounds in
         the head *It is just like a Cathedral!
    4.  Placement: A strengthening exercise where you learn to place the adams
         apple down and thus tune-up the tensions and balance the voice/body
         instrument.  Find the natural musical scale in the head for the perfect
    5.  Performance skills for the recording studio and stage performance.
         *Microphone skills for singers, speakers and actors